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The variety and maximum robustness of ATB Spectra by planed boards and cross-cut saw applications:

Robust defect detection even at unplaned board.

Insensitivity to soiled or weathered board surfaces.

4-sided correlation of the board to avoid misclassification of e.g. chain marks.

Consideration of the annual ring orientation for the classification

Defect detection by 6 different characteristics for maximum reliability. Thus can be omitted that critical knots or checks are not classified correctly.

Optional combination with ATB 3Dimension laser measuring for the perfect board measurement including curvature and twist.

Own length optimisation which is integrated completely in the scanner application. This creates highest ease of use because the handling of different programs is omitted.

Read-in of chalk marks which is regarded together with the scanner result in the cutting list.

Alternatively defects can be marked with fluorescence colour for cutting the boards on a separate cross-cut saw.

The ATB scanner technology for the defect detection and the surface analysis is also used successfully in quality control of casting resin plates, construction boards and fibre-glass strips in the car component industry.



ATB Spectra for Parquet Sorting integrated
a lot of innovations which till this day are advantageous for the customer:

Automatic teach-in program with reference lamellas.

State-of-the-art LED lighting for excellent image quality and colour stability. Permanent calibrating and preheating is not necessary. The lighting provides also identical results even at different surface qualities.

Use of matrix cameras in length transport. Provided by this camera, ATB Spectra offers a length resolution of 0.2 mm at a speed of 200 m/min.

The unique surface analysis detects even smallest damages. Particularly for the recognition of flat cracks this method is of great value.

The evaluation logic especially developed for hardwood not only provides outstanding sorting results but also permits unmatched speed in combination with the unique camera/lighting principle.

The large number of realised
applications :
– sorting of mosaic parquet
– sorting of parquet friezes
– sorting of parquet lamellas
– sorting of traditional parquet
– sorting of finished parquet
– sorting of pencil slats.

Never before
the automatic sorting of workpieces
has been so easy and effective,
the availability has been higher,
the running costs have been lower,
the sorting has been of higher value.

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