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The glue control system guarantees, that
only error-free glued work pieces come
into further processing.

So nowadays we are using various
measuring methods to detect the glue
in almost every constellation:
– laser
– light-section
– shade
– colour
– texture
– degree of gloss
– reflection.

With the suitable measuring method Checker
is able to detect nearly all kinds of glue:
– melamine glue
– PVAc
– resorcine glue (dark)
– polyurethane glue (hot or cold)
– urea.


The glue application is controlled in various positions and dimensions:
– finger joint profiles (in and on the profile)
– grooves
– boards
– underlayers of multilayer parquet
– toplayers
– veneers
– small sides of boards.

Hereby Checker can be adapted to
roller application
jet application
film (thin layer) application
double component application.

The efficiency of Checker is proved by the
fact that the glue application check can be done
in cross transport, length transport, stand still modus and cycling length transport.


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